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Learning from Canberra’s Climate-Fuelled Summer of Crisis
Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 16:00
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Dr Paul Bannister
In May 2019, the Australian Capital Territory recognised a state of ‘Climate Emergency’ that requires urgent action across all levels of Government and commits the Territory to “national and international leadership on climate change”. Seemingly on cue, the horrific summer of 2019-20 has underlined the stark reality that global heating is already directly impacting the quality and security of life in the ACT. In June 2020, the ACT Climate Change Council released a report outlining the main lessons from the summer period and provided recommendations they believe will assist the ACT Government in responding to the ongoing impacts of the Climate Emergency. The recommendations covered a wide range of policy areas, reflecting the wide range of material, social, health, and environmental effects that were demonstrated this past summer. Dr Paul Bannister will present the key findings from the report and discuss insights into the lessons we can learn from the trials of fire, smoke and hail that defined summer 2019-20 in Canberra.