Welcome to Sustainable Engineering Society

The Sustainable Engineering Society (SENG) is a multi-disciplinary society within Engineers Australia (EA) that takes a holistic approach to sustainability. SENG is fully aligned with EA's Code of Ethics, which states that we must work towards a sustainable future and act in the interests of the community ahead of personal and sectional interests. SENG has members from all professional disciplines.

SENG recognises that:

  • The environment is in a serious state of ongoing decline;
  • Communities are 100% dependent on the environment;
  • Consumption and endless growth are primary causes of the severe state of degradation;
  • Current practices are simply unsustainable;
  • Many engineering endeavours have resulted in the current state of affairs.

SENG endeavours to:

  • Ensure that a full life cycle analysis and costing is embedded as part of any engineering endeavour;
  • That working with the natural systems, engineering endeavours can be a major solution to issues of sustainability and achieving a state of dynamic equilibrium;
  • Ensure engineers are part of the solution NOT part of the problem
  • Ensure that society becomes sustainable and thrives for thousands of years

Engineers have a moral and ethical duty to ensure that they abide by the Code of Ethics, and that their work is tested against this code.


Sustainability is the responsibility of everyone in society, and is one of the most critical challenges of our time.

The Sustainable Engineering Society (SENG) is a technical society of Engineers Australia (EA) (trading name for the Institution of Engineers Australia). It has a long history, and has membership across Australia.

SENG is a learned body which exists to promote information transfer regarding environmental issues of relevance to the engineering profession and other environmental practitioners. Engineers are involved with all aspects of the natural and built environment and SENG provides opportunities for members to network within their profession, as well as maintaining programs for continual professional education.

The SENG is also affiliated with the College of Environmental Engineers, which amongst other things, partcipates in the evaluation and accreditation of environmental engineering courses.

Society Chapters conduct regular seminars on a range of environmental and sustainabilty issues and since 2012 publishes content in the WME magazine.

Sustainable Engineering Society Chapters:

The Sustainable Engineering Society is proud to have WME Media as a partner.  WME magazine will help deliver on the society's goals.

WME Media is Australia’s leading environment business publisher, serving those responsible for their organization's environmental compliance, performance and risk – and the companies that provide environmental services to them.  Published monthly since 1988, WME magazine is a dedicated forum for news, opinion and industry discussion covering waste and water management, energy and emissions, and strategic sustainability issues.  To find out more see the WME Magazine’s website.

The SENG has a National Board that coordinates the activities of the Chapters. Local chapters have their own state committees which are responsible for the activities of the state.

SENG also advocates environmental-related policies within EA and issues media statements on topical subjects.

The Sustainable Engineering Society website has a number of State and regional Chapters.  Navigation for the Chapters are on the left menu.